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update field_error_proc leads conflict by change field_error_proc #985

halida opened this Issue February 16, 2012 · 4 comments

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Halida Benoit Bénézech Liel Dulev

in :

ActionView::Base.field_error_proc = { |html_tag, instance| html_tag }

but in my application, I'm using client_side_validations, it use it to update form with error:

 ActionView::Base.field_error_proc = do |html_tag, instance|
   unless html_tag =~ /^<label/
     %{<div class="field_with_errors">#{html_tag}<label for="#{instance.send(:tag_id)}" class="message">#{instance.error_message.first}</label></div>}.html_safe
     %{<div class="field_with_errors">#{html_tag}</div>}.html_safe

form_builder override my configuration, or my configuration override form_builder, any way to fix it?

Benoit Bénézech

Yeah, the only solution I can think is a wrapper like:

field_error_proc is a total design failure (what was the guy thinking???)...

If you want to implement the aforementioned hack, RA form_builder is here:

Have fun!


my solution, is to fork rails_admin, and delete field_error_proc:

works for me.

Benoit Bénézech

This should be fixed. This can be an issue for other libraries/code.

Liel Dulev


Benoit Bénézech bbenezech closed this issue from a commit September 11, 2012
Benoit Bénézech fix #985
shamelessly copied from simple_form
Benoit Bénézech bbenezech closed this in 909e4a1 September 11, 2012
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