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Issue 1241 #1580

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Improves Pull Request #1302 because $.attr('checked') does not work for reading checked state of a checkbox.
I think this feature is necessary because for large models (de)selecting all fields needs lots of clicks, even when using the existing feature (clicking on the model/relation name).


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Can you please put the JS behavior in the app/assets/javascripts/rails_admin/ file ?


Okay I have moved the stuff to ;)


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Nice, thanks!

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Hi DarthMax , Thanks for the feature!
I would like to make this select/unselect checkbox work for each field(including the associated fields), could you give me a hint to do this?
I tried but failed.

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7 app/assets/javascripts/rails_admin/
@@ -68,3 +68,10 @@ $(document).on 'rails_admin.dom_ready', ->
$(".table").tooltip selector: "th[rel=tooltip]"
+$(document).on 'click', '#fields_to_export label input#check_all', () ->
+ elems = $('#fields_to_export label input')
+ if $('#fields_to_export label input#check_all').is ':checked'
+ $(elems).prop('checked', true)
+ else
+ $(elems).prop('checked',false)
7 app/views/rails_admin/main/export.html.haml
@@ -4,7 +4,12 @@
= form_tag export_path(params.merge(:all => true)), :method => 'post', :class => 'form-horizontal denser' do
%input{:name => "send_data", :type => "hidden", :value => "true"}/
- %fieldset
+ %fieldset{:id => 'fields_to_export'}
+ %div.control-group
+ %div.controls
+ %label.checkbox{:for => 'check_all'}
+ = 'Select All Fields'
+ = check_box_tag 'all', 'all', true, { :id => 'check_all' }
= t('')
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