Base configuration

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RailsAdmin provides its out of the box administrative interface by inspecting your application's models and following some Rails conventions. For a more tailored experience, it also provides a configuration DSL which allows you to customize many aspects of the interface.

Set the application name:

RailsAdmin.config do |config|
  config.main_app_name = ["Cool app", "BackOffice"]
  # or something more dynamic
  config.main_app_name = { |controller| [ "Cool app", "BackOffice - #{controller.params[:action].try(:titleize)}" ] }


If your default_locale is different from :en, set your default locale at the beginning of the file:

require 'i18n'
I18n.default_locale = :de

Authentication integration (Devise, Sorcery, Manual)


Authorization (Cancan)


ActiveModel's :attr_accessible :attr_protected

Default is :default (default for ActiveModel)

config.attr_accessible_role { :default }

_current_user is accessible in the block if you need to make it user specific:

config.attr_accessible_role { _current_user.role.to_sym }

Instance labels

config.label_methods << :description # Default is [:name, :title]

Browser validations

config.browser_validations = false # Default is true


Then you can start adding actions, configuring models, sections and fields.