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@sbull sbull Added link to "Horizontally scrolling table with frozen columns in list view" 481499b
@codynguyen codynguyen Updated Home (markdown) 7391066
@mshibuya mshibuya Updated Home (markdown) 80db366
@mshibuya mshibuya Updated Home (markdown) 7d80a82
@mshibuya mshibuya Categorize plugins b0e976b
@rikkipitt rikkipitt Added rails_admin_history_rollback de22ee1
@sanchojaf sanchojaf Updated Home (markdown) 3c7664d
@xronos-i-am xronos-i-am Updated Home (markdown) 34584e9
@sudosu sudosu Updated Home (markdown) 351dfc2
@sudosu sudosu Updated Home (markdown) 0166ebe
@sudosu sudosu Updated Home (markdown) e2995cf
@bbenezech bbenezech Updated Home (markdown) feb61a3
@bbenezech bbenezech Updated Home (markdown) 6e20961
@bbenezech bbenezech Updated Home (markdown) 0db731c
@bbenezech bbenezech Updated Home (markdown) a8932b9
@bbenezech bbenezech Updated Home (markdown) fd470f2
@bbenezech bbenezech Updated Home (markdown) 55149a9
@sudosu sudosu Updated Home (markdown) ea69865
@kritik kritik AR support has been dropped 8ad497e
@thinkclay thinkclay Updated Home (markdown) 1b2ea81
@bbenezech bbenezech Updated Home (markdown) 120bda0
@scarfacedeb scarfacedeb add my plugin: tabbed interface for globalize3 translations fcb577a
@dalpo dalpo New plugin 24c044d
@glebtv glebtv Updated Home (markdown) a53f525
@bbenezech bbenezech Updated Home (markdown) ba4fbd8
@pgeraghty pgeraghty Added custom charts action to list of plugins f740db7
@mshibuya mshibuya Revert d87ff6d^ ... d87ff6d on Home d647065
@natarajan1 natarajan1 Revert c0bdba05a1ea0c503acb7ce36c4e971295278c05 ... e082646a2a8cd3aa3da3120b0225e41a45c37b43 on Home d87ff6d
@mshibuya mshibuya Updated Home (markdown) e082646
@mshibuya mshibuya Updated Home (markdown) c0bdba0
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