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Version 0.1.0


  • select for belongs_to < 30 records
  • simplify search conf if > 30 records
  • date select


  • Needs testing: Android, IE7.
  • Fix all JS bugs on IE7+ . Found visual bug in multiselect


  • Move all functional testing to better targeted Unit tests
  • Tests views with JS enabled
  • Make some compact and fast functional testing with cucumber


has_many, has_one

  • offer the possibility to fetch only non-associated records if sticking to widget (make it configurable).

has_many :through, habtm

  • find a solution for mobile devices (currently not intuitive)


  • desactivate add button if target requires source id to validate and source is a new record
  • replace :inverse_of widget with hidden field filled with source id if target requires source and target is a new record and source is a saved record
  • desactivate :inverse_of widget on target modal if not required and empty
  • identify all such cases and add them here