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Thank you for participating in the RailsAdmin BugMash!

Join us in #railsadmin on irc.freenode.net and then:

  1. Take a look at the list of open issues against the current milestone.

  2. Find an issue you'd like to work on that isn't already assigned.

  3. Let @sferik know which issue you will be working on in the IRC channel. Please also mention your GitHub login if it's different from your IRC handle. For example:

     sferik: I will be working on issue #101. My GitHub login is billybob.

    Then, I will add you as a contributor to the project and assign you to that issue. You are now responsible for making sure that issue is resolved, either by fixing it yourself or finding someone else to fix it.

  4. Fork RailsAdmin on GitHub.

  5. In your fork, create a topic branch for the issue you're working on.

  6. Fix the issue. Please include specs if you're adding new functionality!

  7. Submit a pull request and ping one of the maintainers in the IRC channel. For example:

     sferik: I have finished working on issue #101. Please review the code in my iss101 branch.

    We'll let you know if any changes need to be made before the code can be pulled.

  8. Make any changes that may be necessary after your code is reviewed by a maintainer.

  9. GOTO 1

Writing code is great but there are other ways to help besides writing code, including...

  • Writing documentation
  • Translating RailsAdmin into a new language
  • Writing failing specs for existing bugs
  • Manual testing