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Simple, efficient background processing for Ruby
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Simple, efficient message processing for Ruby.

Sidekiq is compatible with Resque. It uses the exact same message format as Resque so it can integrate into an existing Resque processing farm. You can have Sidekiq and Resque run side-by-side at the same time and use the Resque client to enqueue messages in Redis to be processed by Sidekiq.

At the same time, Sidekiq uses multithreading so it much more memory efficient than Resque (which forks a new process for every job). You'll find that you might need 50 200MB resque processes to peg your CPU whereas one 300MB Sidekiq process will peg the same CPU and perform the same amount of work. Please see my blog post on Resque's memory efficiency and how I was able to shrink a Carbon Five client's resque processing farm from 9 machines to 1 machine.

In sum, if your jobs are well-behaved and threadsafe, Sidekiq is probably a good replacement for Resque. If your jobs are not thread-safe or they leak memory, you may want to continue using Resque, because its forking model gives you more protection.


I test on Ruby 1.9.3 and JRuby 1.6.5 in 1.9 mode. Other versions/VMs are untested but I will do my best to support them. Ruby 1.8 is not supported.


gem install sidekiq

Getting Started

See the sidekiq home page for the simple 4-step process.

More Information

Please see the sidekiq wiki for more information. #sidekiq on is dedicated to this project, but bug reports or feature requests suggestions should still go through issues on Github.


Please see LICENSE for licensing details.

Click here to lend your support to Open Source and make a donation at !


Mike Perham, @mperham,

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