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A gem that provides text processing routines for Twitter Tweets. The major reason for this is to unify the various auto-linking and extraction of usernames, lists, hashtags and URLs.

Extraction Examples

# Extraction
class MyClass
  include Twitter::Extractor
  usernames = extract_mentioned_screen_names("Mentioning @twitter and @jack")
  # usernames = ["twitter", "jack"]

# Extraction with a block argument
class MyClass
  include Twitter::Extractor
  extract_reply_screen_name("@twitter are you hiring?").do |username|
    # username = "twitter"

Auto-linking Examples

# Auto-link
class MyClass
  include Twitter::Autolink

  html = auto_link("link @user, please #request")

# For Ruby on Rails you want to add this to app/helpers/application_helper.rb
module ApplicationHelper
  include Twitter::Autolink

# Now the auto_link function is available in every view. So in index.html.erb:
<%= auto_link("link @user, please #request") %>


Username extraction and linking matches all valid Twitter usernames but does not verify that the username is a valid Twitter account.


Auto-link and extract list names when they are written in @user/list-name format.


Auto-link and extract hashtags, where a hashtag can contain most letters or numbers but cannot be solely numbers and cannot contain punctuation.


Asian languages like Chinese, Japanese or Korean may not use a delimiter such as a space to separate normal text from URLs making it difficult to identify where the URL ends and the text starts.

For this reason twitter-text currently does not support extracting or auto-linking of URLs immediately followed by non-Latin characters.

Example: “は素晴らしい” . The normal text is “は素晴らしい” and is not part of the URL even though it isn't space separated.


Special care has been taken to be sure that auto-linking and extraction work in Tweets of all languages. This means that languages without spaces between words should work equally well.

Hit Highlighting

Use to provide emphasis around the “hits” returned from the Search API, built to work against text that has been auto-linked already.


To run the Conformance suite, you'll need to add that project as a git submodule. From the root twitter-text-rb directory, run:

git submodule add test/twitter-text-conformance/
git submodule init
git submodule update


Thanks to everybody who has filed issues, provided feedback or contributed patches. Patches courtesy of:

Copyright and License

Copyright 2011 Twitter, Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0: