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:user_screen_name should just be :screen_name

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1 parent 752a090 commit 4fb4f8a28c967f7d5a2cf295b34548a346900cfd @jalada jalada committed with Dec 6, 2010
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@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ module Twitter
# Defines constants and methods related to configuration
module Configuration
# An array of valid keys in the options hash when configuring a {Twitter::API}
- VALID_OPTIONS_KEYS = [:consumer_key, :consumer_secret, :oauth_token, :oauth_token_secret, :adapter, :endpoint, :format, :proxy, :search_endpoint, :user_agent, :user_screen_name].freeze
+ VALID_OPTIONS_KEYS = [:consumer_key, :consumer_secret, :oauth_token, :oauth_token_secret, :adapter, :endpoint, :format, :proxy, :search_endpoint, :user_agent, :screen_name].freeze
# An array of valid request/response formats

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