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Update Middleware section in README

Middleware section referenced Twitter::Response::RaiseClientError which no longer exists.  Updated to reference Twitter::Response::RaiseError instead.
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1 parent 887f725 commit 5571ca8c5c5f0972d05e173a5fa5543b7bc4f851 @thetizzo thetizzo committed Jan 9, 2013
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@@ -267,7 +267,7 @@ The Faraday middleware stack is fully configurable and is exposed as a
`Faraday::Builder` object. You can modify the default middleware in-place:
-Twitter.middleware.insert_after Twitter::Response::RaiseClientError, CustomMiddleware
+Twitter.middleware.insert_after Twitter::Response::RaiseError, CustomMiddleware
A custom adapter may be set as part of a custom middleware stack:

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