Twitter::Error::NotFound on retweet #362

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I'm trying to retweet a tweet through the retweet method passing the id of the tweet but I'm receiving an Twitter::Error::NotFound (Sorry, that page does not exist) exception.

The user is already authenticated and other methods like user_timeline works fine.


twitter (4.5.0) lib/twitter/response/raise_error.rb:21:in `on_complete'
  faraday (0.8.4) lib/faraday/response.rb:9:in `block in call'
  faraday (0.8.4) lib/faraday/response.rb:63:in `on_complete'
  faraday (0.8.4) lib/faraday/response.rb:8:in `call'
  faraday (0.8.4) lib/faraday/request/url_encoded.rb:14:in `call'
  faraday (0.8.4) lib/faraday/request/multipart.rb:13:in `call'
  twitter (4.5.0) lib/twitter/request/multipart_with_file.rb:14:in `call'
  faraday (0.8.4) lib/faraday/connection.rb:226:in `run_request'
  faraday (0.8.4) lib/faraday/connection.rb:99:in `post'
  twitter (4.5.0) lib/twitter/client.rb:81:in `request'
  twitter (4.5.0) lib/twitter/client.rb:70:in `post'
  twitter (4.5.0) lib/twitter/api/tweets.rb:272:in `post_retweet'
  twitter (4.5.0) lib/twitter/api/tweets.rb:151:in `block in retweet'
  twitter (4.5.0) lib/twitter/core_ext/enumerable.rb:5:in `block (2 levels) in threaded_map'

What status ID are you passing in?

@sferik sferik closed this Mar 30, 2013
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