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gsomoza commented Dec 1, 2010

This implements features described in #112.

IMPORTANT: You will see commit 0fc2f63 from sferik is there, when it shouldn't be. I didn't know how to remove it. If you can, you should cherry-pick every other commit or remove that one some other way. If you prefer I do that myself, I'd appreciate some insight cause I couldn't find anything online. Sorry for the inconvenience.

sferik commented Dec 1, 2010

Thanks again for working on this. I just pulled it into master.


Any particular reason this isn't written as:

# Returns the configured screen name or the screen name of the authenticated user
def get_screen_name
  Twitter.user_screen_name ||= self.verify_credentials.screen_name

Am I missing something?


No particular reason, that's a much better version! =)

gsomoza commented Dec 2, 2010

A pleasure to help.

This issue was closed.
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