It helps if the README has a clear, immediate Quick Start To Tweeting! #360

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Information on how to get up and running is lower in the documentation. When first coming to the gem, it is nice to have a quick start that gets you from 0 to a tweet in as soon as possible!

sferik commented Mar 6, 2013

Thanks Corey. 😄

What are you're using the Twitter gem for?

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Hi, Erik,

My main use right now is for Happiness Bot. I use it here and there for other small projects. It definitely makes my life easier! Thanks for having it.

I made this PR, because a friend of mine mentioned on twitter that it wasn't immediately obvious how to use the twitter gem. I looked at the docs and realized that there is a bit of a quickstart under the configuration section, but it might be helpful to have a "This is how you can start right away" section at the top.

I'm spending my Emulation March contributing much more to Open Source, including small (but important) documentation contributions.

sferik commented Mar 7, 2013

I didn't know about Happiness Bot. That's a cool project. I just added it to the the Apps wiki so that others might find it. Your friend may want to add her project as well.

Thanks again for submitting this pull request. The Configuration and Usage Examples sections of the README used to be closer to the top but they've been pushed down gradually, over time as I've added new sections and notices (a proverbial frog boiling). Now that version 4 has been out for almost 6 months (and Twitter API v1 is deprecated), I can safely remove (or at least move down) the What's new in version 4? section of the README. Up until this point, I think it made sense to have this section close to the top for users who were upgrading from previous versions, since there were some backward-incompatible changes.

Anyway, pinning a quick-start guide to the top ensures that this won't happen again. This pull request also contains the insight that most people use the twitter gem to Tweet. I don't have any data to support this but it seems like a reasonable assumption to make. It might actually be worth writing a little script to grep through all the open source projects in the Apps wiki to see which twitter gem methods are the most popular. It would be interesting to see if update was numero uno or if it was another method.

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@sferik Move down "What's new in version 4?" section
Version 4 has been out for almost 6 months and Twitter API v1 is now
deprecated, so most users should already have upgraded to gem version 4.
See further discussion and rationale in #360.
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