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media Barely working version.
ring Fixes on data sources
.gitignore Use tox. Clean up. Small doc and cosmetic changes.
Makefile Fixes on data sources Small doc and cosmetic changes. Update feeds + design.
ROADMAP.txt Small doc and cosmetic changes.
circus.ini Devops stuff.
dependencies.txt Add GTLL feed. Fix export feed. Devops stuff.
ring.cfg Fixes on data sources Try to extract Ring from the project. Devops stuff.
tox.ini Use tox. Clean up.

About Ring

Ring aims at becoming a "Better planet than planetplanet"

How better?

  • Uses a modern templating engine (Jinja)
  • Archives
  • Filters, NLP on feeds
  • Serves dynamic and static content
  • Extensible

But still:

  • Hyper-easy to deploy
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