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Home page url: localhost:3000

A Ruby on Rails application for finding meals to cook while you're stuck at home in quarantine.

We have set up a brief home page letting users know a little bit about our site. To view home page at any time, hit the QuarantineCuisines on the nav bar.

You can look and view recipes just as a guest but if you want to add a meal to your favorites or leave a comment on a specific meal you'll be directed to the login page. If you have not set up an account with us, you can click the signup page and sign up with an account. Sign up with a name and a password. We know that spelling can be tricky so we're double checking that your password was typed right with a password confirmation. Your name also has to be uniq and can't match any other users in our site. You will not be able to sign up if any of the fields are left blank.

If you've already signed up with an account, you can head over to the login page and log in with your name and password. You will not be able to log in if your name or password don't match to a user in our site.

Once you've logged in or signed up, you'll be directed to the Meals page where you are able to view all the meals we have. We have so many that you might need to scroll for a while or you can use the handy search bar at the top to type in the meal name.

While looking at the meals, you have the option to either view the recipe or add it to favorites.

    * Remember, you can only add to favorites if you're logged in * 

If you choose to add the recipe to favorites without looking at the recipe, the meal will show up in your favorites page and then the button that says add to favorites will be replaced with one that says you can unfavorite that recipe from your favorites.

Meal Recipes:
Once we choose a meal, we can view the recipe of each meal and see what kind of cuisine it is and what type of dish. We can also add to/delete from favorites on this page as well.

At the bottom of a meal's show page, you will be able to view the reviews left for that meal along with the average rating of the reviews.

    * Remember, you cannot leave a comment or review a meal unless you are logged in * 

As a user, you can submit a comment and add a 1-5 star rating of what you thought of the meal. Once your comment posts, you can either edit or delete the comment. If you choose to delete, you will be prompted with a confirmation to make sure that you really want to delete the comment.

As a guest you can also view all of our ingredients by clicking 'Ingredients'. Like the meals, you can choose to scroll till you find your ingredient or search for the ingredient by name using the search bar. Once you find the ingredient you want, you can view that ingredient and see a brief description of the ingredient. Included are recipes that we offer that contain that ingredient. You can choose to vist a recipe from each ingredient's show page.

Your Favorites:
At the top of the nav bar, you can also view all the meals you've favorited by clicking 'Your Favorites' . You can only view this page if you are logged in as a user otherwise you will be prompted to sign in. You again have the option to view the recipe of each meal or you can change your mind and update your favorite meals by unfavoriting a specific meal.

User Reviews:
At the bottom of the 'Your Favorites' page, you will also be able to view all the recipes you have left a comment/review on. You will be able to either view the recipe, edit your review, or delete your review of the meal.

Logout: You can go back and view more meals, ingredients, or if you're done browsing our site you can also logout of your account by clicking 'Logout' on the nav bar.

Thanks for visiting QuarantineCuisines!


A Ruby on Rails application for finding meals to cook while you're stuck at home in quarantine.






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