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Driving made Safe. Made for 2015-2016 Congressional App Challenge

Recipient of the 2nd place award for the Congressional App Challenge 2015 CA-18

Recognized by Secretary Foxx of the USDOT and Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo


DriveSafe was coded in Swift using the Xcode platform for iOS. Its purpose is to facilitate driver safety by increasing the user's awareness about how fast they are going and the speed limit on the road that they are on. We used the Open Street Map API to find the speed limit of each street and Apple's Core Location kit to track how fast the user is going. The application prompts the user to enable "Do not Disturb" mode while driving and it also tweets #X (a tool that teens and others can use to pause a text or social conversation before driving). Also, Siri prompts the user to slow down if he/she is going 5mph over the speed limit. After the drive, it compiles the data into a driver rating which can then be sent to parents or guardians. We also overlayed a polyline on an MKMapView to give a more comprehensive view of the user's drive. Additionally, the app has a tips section to encourage good driving habits.


DriveSafe is brought to you by @andrewke, [@arnav-gudibande] (, and @nishand17.

Tools Used

Xcode - Platform for coding the app in iOS
Sketch - Designing the application logo
Nominatim ( - Reverse geocoding to find streets from given coordinates
Open Street Map (OSM) - Finding speed limits for streets
AEXML ( - XML Parsing
Core Location - Getting location updates, speed of the phone, etc
Swift - programming language used


alt tag


The usage of this application is not intended to prevent and/or detect unsafe driving by the user or associated parties. This application’s purpose is only to facilitate and encourage the driver’s road safety in conjunction with any other tools or apps that the driver may be using. This application is not meant to substitute your knowledge of road safety rules and regulations, and other stipulations that your legal driving licenses may require. As a road user, you are still liable for any accidents, deaths, injuries or damage that occur while, during or before usage of this application on the road. Under no circumstances are the makers of this application or their associated organization(s) liable for any grievances that occur during the usage of this application. This application is still under development and may be refined over time. It is important to note that the functioning of this application relies on 3rd party data and information, over which we have no control and do not warrant the accuracy or necessary updates of this information or data provided. Information presented during the usage of this application may be subject to inconsistencies and/or error. Please drive safely and obey traffic rules. Any electronic interferences, cellular outages and/or restrictions, internet connectivity issues, bugs, improper coding updates, etc., may render this application to be ineffective or inaccurate. Watching this screen while the vehicle is in motion may lead to a serious accident and in some driving jurisdictions may be illegal. It must be noted that this application is not designed for all driving jurisdictions and/or countries. Please make safe decisions while on the road, and the usage of this application is at the user's own discretion. Upon usage of this application, the user has hereby agreed to all the terms and liabilities presented above.

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