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Neubott Discord Bot

Neubott is a coding project in order to learn more of JavaScript and NodeJS. It uses the Discord.js API.

This branch is a rewrite of the original code, which was built on the Chariot.js framework on top of the Eris API.


This bot has a few interesting features at the moment that may make it worth checking out in future:

  • Server quotes! Take your friends out of context!
  • Splatoon 2 map schedule + Salmon Run + Splatfest support
  • Big Emojis.
  • A few simple commands to get and retrieve messages and links

In the future I plan for it to have all of the featureset from the original version of the bot, including:

  • Posting random messages when set channels are 'idle'

And when it's 'done' it will also have:

  • A simple API/web interface to look at each command's database
  • Per-guild command settings
  • Per-guild idle settings


This isn't ready for production use by others yet, but if you have a discord.js bot setup following the Discord.js Guide, you can drop the command files into your commands folder.

Be sure to install any prerequisite modules first:

  • Many commands that use a database use Sequelize.
  • The Splatoon schedule command uses humanize-duration to format time durations and axios for the HTTP/JSON requests.
  • The quote command will also use moment. (OK, it doesn't yet, but it will need it to parse date strings users supply.)


Issues and pull requests are welcomed. Please keep a polite tone - if you think I could have done something better, it's more likely than not I don't know the best way to do something!


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