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! To install hsflowd on an Arista Networks switch running EOS, the following CLI commands can be used.
! In this example we are installing hsflowd version 2.0.9-1 and sending sFlow to
copy extension:
! install and start rpm
extension hsflowd-eos-2.0.9-1.i686.rpm
bash sudo service hsflowd start
! install on reboot too
copy installed-extensions boot-extensions
! allow local EAPI access via unix socket
config term
management api http-commands
protocol unix-socket
no shutdown
! trigger start on reboot
event-handler hsflowd
trigger on-boot
action bash sudo service hsflowd start
delay 60
! config sFlow - hsflowd will detect and use this too
sflow source-interface Management1
sflow destination
sflow sample dangerous 1000
sflow polling-interval 20
sflow run