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Early prototype using analyzing SourceCred for SFOSC repositories.
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Beanow Update Sourcecred to v0.4.0 (#5)
* Update the sourcecred and widgets dependencies.
* Use the v0.4.0 introduced project level cred feature

Latest commit 6029a98 Aug 22, 2019

SFOSC SourceCred cronjob

Build Status SourceCred prototype

Early prototype analyzing SourceCred for SFOSC repositories.

Currently looks at:

Weight configuration

You can tinker with weight settings within the prototype using "Show weight configuration". Show weight configuration

The default values for this can be changed in a config file: weights.toml.

You're welcome to submit a pull request for this file if you believe we should distribute cred differently. Be sure to include an explanation why you think it should be changed.

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