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Poetic Computation: Detroit - 2019
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This repository contains the curriculum for Poetic Computation: Detroit. A week-long workshop by the School for Poetic Computation in collaboration with Detroit-based partners. 


Poetic Computation: Detroit - 2019 August 19 - 25, 2019 at Talking Dolls, Detroit

Public events

Theme: Uncovering Technology

To create a more meaningful relationship with technology, we will uncover technology’s glossy surfaces and look into its logic and beauty. SFPC’s Poetic Computation:Detroit will focus on the theme of Uncovering Technology. Together, we will learn the fundamentals of coding and critical theory in order to trace the contours of technology’s backbone.

Technology is usually made available to us after many layers of abstraction have been imposed. In the process of abstraction, it’s inner workings are obscured and most people are excluded from understanding it. If we can’t understand it, we can’t fix it, take care of it or truly own it. What would it look like to cultivate a more caring and imaginative kind of tech for ourselves and each other?

Computers are one of the most intimate technologies we use on a daily basis. How would it feel if we changed our relationship to computers, from something we buy to something we make? How would it feel to have a conversation with computers and write poetry with them? How would it feel to work with computers as collaborators and write software for our communities?

Through lectures, field trips, and hands-on making, students will explore and respond to these ideas. During the one week session we will create several in-class projects and explore a balanced mix of technical, artistic, and theoretical content. Topics will include navigating computer with the command line, object oriented programming, electronics, and a critical theory of technology. SFPC’s Poetic Computation:Detroit is designed for someone without previous experience of coding to start having a more friendly, expressive and joyful relationship with technology.


August 2019

Detailed schedule & Office hour signup

June 2019

  • We led two code poetry workshops at the The Room Project and the Detroit Commons. The workshop involved a sensory exercise where participants were asked to act as a conduit for their body and record unfiltered sensory information through words, then transfer those words onto cards in order to algorithmically rearrange them and read them out loud in a webring poem.
  • Folder Poetry was a workshop taught by Melanie Hoff, co-organized by the School for Poetic Computation and Detroit Community Technology Project. In tandom with the workshop, Neta Bomani and Taeyoon Choi created a zine.

Technology and class materials

We will use Raspberry Pis for all class. Set up tutorial.

We will have basic electronics and craft materials in class. List of tools.

Research trips

Blog postings by Neta Bomani and Taeyoon Choi





  • Talking Dolls


  • The Knight Foundation
  • Detroit Community Technology Project
  • The Room Project

How to be involved

A square flyer of a drawing of a laptop character who is holding up a microphone and surrounded by a crowd of smiling blobs. The drawing and text are colored baby pink while the background is chroma key blue. The poster has all the event details written on it in serif capital font and hand written text.

Meet the Teachers Salon on August 23, 2019 at the Jam Handy

A flyer colored pink and blue with handrawn illustrations of a laptop, terminal window, led, battery, alligator clips and wifi box that has all the details of the showcase written on it.

Showcase on August 25, 2019 at the Talking Dolls

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