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a static site generator for webcomics
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a hugo static site for webcomics The following is an example site for how to make a comic website using Hugo. At some point, I'll make this a bit more generic so it can be used as a starter theme (and have a lot better documentation), but for now, this is a copy of the Tavern Wenches site with initial launch content

This site also includes some of the configuration for NetlifyCMS and for deploying this site on Netlify

If you're interested in setting up automatic nightly deploys for your content (so that your new comic will automatically update without you having to update the site at midnight), I have an article on how to do this with Netlify and Gitlab

Getting Started

Follow the step one directions on the Quick Start guide on the Hugo website for how to install hugo onto your machine.

To run locally, go to the directory of this project on your machine using your terminal and run hugo serve -D

TODO: Guide on updating netlifycms configs, and netlify configs

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