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TK project name


This template uses gulp and browserify as a project scaffolding tool. To use it, you'll need node and gulp installed.

To install node with homebrew:

brew install node

To install gulp globally:

npm install -g gulp

Installing and using this template

To install project dependencies in package.json:

npm install

To install additional dependencies and devDependencies:

npm install <PKGNAME> --save
npm install <PKGNAME> --save-dev

To run gulp:


The default gulp command launches watchify to monitor changes in src, browserify to compile bundled.js in build & a server that refreshes automatically.

To minify files for production:

gulp build

The gulp build command compresses generated js/css. Must have run the default gulp command at least once.


  • return straight line at pause state

  • check functionality of pause, play, upload

    • i.e. on upload, should autoplay
  • functionality of microphone

  • style of buttons/navs

  • make responsive

  • other visualization views

  • how can i call foundation-css locally instead of linking to CDN?