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// The PIMPL idiom
// C++11, C++14
// foo.h - header file
#include <memory>
class foo
foo& operator=(foo&&);
class impl;
std::unique_ptr<impl> pimpl;
// foo.cpp - implementation file
class foo::impl
void do_internal_work()
internal_data = 5;
int internal_data = 0;
: pimpl{std::make_unique<impl>()}
foo::~foo() = default;
foo::foo(foo&&) = default;
foo& foo::operator=(foo&&) = default;
// Remove compilation dependencies on internal class implementations
// and improve compile times.
// When a header file changes, any files that `#include` that file
// will need to be recompiled. In the case of a class header, this
// is true even if those changes only apply to private members of the
// class. The PIMPL idiom hides private members from any users of
// the header file, allowing these internal details to change without
// requiring recompilation of the client code.
// [!8-20] define a class, `foo`, to which we have applied the PIMPL
// idiom. This class definition includes only the public interface
// of the class and a pointer to the internal implementation. We use
// a [`std::unique_ptr`](cpp/memory/unique_ptr) ([19]) to ensure
// the lifetime of the implementation is managed correctly, which we
// initialise in `foo`s constructor ([38]).
// While the internal implementation class, `impl`, is declared in
// the header file on [18], its definition appears in the
// implementation file on [25-35]. This allows the class definition
// to change without requiring users of `foo` to recompile.
// We have explicitly defaulted `foo`'s destructor on [43], which
// is necessary because the destructor needs to be able to see the
// complete definition of `impl` (in order to destroy the
// `std::unique_ptr`). Note that we have also explicitly defaulted
// the move constructor and assignment operator on [45-46] so that
// `foo` can be moved. To make `foo` copyable, we must also
// implement the copy constructor and assignment operator.
// **Note**: `std::make_unique` was introduced in C++14. For C++11,
// you can [roll your own implementation](
int main()
foo f;