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// Pass values between threads
// C++11
#include <future>
#include <thread>
void func(std::promise<int> result_promise) noexcept
int main()
std::promise<int> result_promise;
std::future<int> result_future = result_promise.get_future();
std::thread t{func, std::move(result_promise)};
int result = result_future.get();
// Use promises to communicate values between threads.
// On [14] we create a [`std::promise`](cpp/thread/promise), which
// provides a mechanism for passing objects asynchronously between
// threads. On [15] we get a [`std::future<int>`](cpp/thread/future)
// from that promise, representing an `int` value that will arrive at
// some point in the future. We then move the promise into a new
// thread (as promises cannot be copied).
// On [9], in the thread function, we set the value of the promise to
// the value that we wish to asynchronously communicate back to
// `main`.
// On [19], we call the future's `get` function to try to get the
// promised return value. This function will block until there is a
// value (or an exception) available. When the value is available
// (that is, when the value of the promise has been set on [9]), it
// will be returned by `get`.
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