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// Read a line of values
#include <vector>
#include <sstream>
#include <iterator>
int main()
std::istringstream stream{"4 36 72 8"};
std::vector<int> values;
// Read a sequence of delimited values from a single line of an
// input stream into a standard container.
// On [9], we declare a [`std::istringstream`](cpp/io/basic_istringstream)
// as the input stream, although any other input stream could be used.
// For user input, you can simply replace `stream` with
// [`std::cin`](cpp/io/cin). We have similarly used
// [`std::vector`](cpp/container/vector) as an example container
// ([10]).
// On [12-14], we use the [`std::copy`](cpp/algorithm/copy) algorithm
// to copy `int`s from the input stream to the container. This
// algorithm takes iterator arguments.
// To iterate over the stream, we use the
// [`std::istream_iterator<int>`](cpp/iterator/istream_iterator) type
// on [12], which internally uses `operator>>` to extract `int`s. The
// default constructed `std::istream_iterator<int>` on [13] denotes
// the end of the stream.
// We use the [`std::back_inserter`](cpp/iterator/back_inserter)
// helper function on [14] to create an output iterator that will
// `push_back` elements into the given container.