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// Validate multiple reads
#include <sstream>
#include <string>
int main()
std::istringstream stream{"Chief Executive Officer\n"
"John Smith\n"
std::string position;
std::string first_name;
std::string family_name;
int age;
if (std::getline(stream, position) &&
stream >> first_name >> family_name >> age) {
// Use values
// Ensure that multiple stream reads are successful before using the
// extracted values.
// We create a [`std::istringstream`](cpp/io/basic_istringstream) as
// the example input stream, which contains some values that we wish
// to read ([8-10]). This stream could be replaced by any other
// input stream, such as [`std::cin`](cpp/io/cin) or a file stream.
// We then create some objects on [12-15] into which we will read
// values from the stream.
// In the condition of the `if` statement on [17-20], we first perform
// an unformatted extraction with
// [`std::getline`](cpp/string/basic_string/getline) ([17])
// and then a series of formatted extractions ([18]). The `&&` operator
// ensures that the condition is `true` only when all extractions
// succeed. Short-circuiting also ensures that the second set of
// extractions are only attempted if the previous extraction was
// successful.
// If you are reading values on multiple lines, consider [reading
// from the stream line-by-line](/patterns/read-line-by-line.html)
// and then parsing each line.