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Getting Started

Official supported environment for building and running dandelion-generator is ubuntu 16.04. You have to run these commands to install required packages from ubuntu package repositories :

sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake libjsoncpp-dev  libncurses5-dev graphviz binutils-dev
sudo apt-get install gcc-8-multilib g++-8-multilib


To build Dandelion dependencies, we have scripted installing the dependencies. To install the dependencies you need only to run the following commands:

cd dandelion-generator

source ./
cd ..; mkdir build; cd build;
cmake -DLLVM_DIR=<your repository>/Tapir-Meta/tapir/build/lib/cmake/llvm/ -DTAPIR=ON ..

Running tests

Inside test directory there are set of test example which show the generality of dandelion-generator. To get the generated accelerator files for test cases you can run:

# in your code repository
cd test/c/
make all

For each test case there is going to be one sacala file which has the detailed implementation of dandelion-generator.

How to run generator on your code (detailed way)?

For generating .scala for your code the following steps need to be taken :

  1. Emit the llvm ir (.ll) for your code with supported Tapir/dandelion-generator compiler(<your repository code location>/Tapir-Meta/tapir/build/bin/clang).
    • You can out put llvm ir with this command ./Tapir-Meta/tapir/build/bin/clang -emit-llvm [Your source code]
  2. Run opt with -mem2reg -loop-simplify -loop-simplifycfg -disable-loop-vectorization -dce arguments on your llvm ir (.ll) code.
  3. Run TAPAS generator on your .ll file like this :
    • <your repository>/build/bin/dandelion -fn-name=[output file of last step] -config=../../scripts/config.json -o output.scala

How to run generator on your code (simple way)?

You can simply put your .c file in the <your repository>/test/c directory and simply run :

$ make all

After that you should have the .scala file beside your .c file with a same name.


./bin/dandelion -help

dandelion options:

  -aa-trace                - Alias analysis trace
  -config=<config_file>    - Target function name
  -fn-name=<Function name> - Target function name
  -l-ex                    - Extracting loops
  -o=<filename>            - tapas output file
  -test-file               - Printing Test file

Generic Options:

  -help                    - Display available options (-help-hidden for more)
  -help-list               - Display list of available options (-help-list-hidden for more)
  -version                 - Display the version of this program

Extra Documentation

For more information you can look at the wiki.

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