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Defintions of the iReceptor API

YAML files are compatible with the online Swagger Editor. In order to view one of the APIs in the Swagger Editor do the following:

  • Copy a raw URL for one of the YAML files
    • Navigate to one of the YAML files
    • Click on the "Raw" button to generate a "Raw" URL for the file
    • Copy the URL
  • Go to the swagger editor at:
  • Go to th File -> Import URL menu item
  • Enter the URL you got above for the YAML file.

JSON files are generated by Swagger editor.

Development Guidelines

Git Structure

  • This project uses the Git Flow methodology for code management and development:

  • This project has two master branches and corresponding develop branches to support ongoing V1 and V2 API work. Make sure to double-check your branches and merge operations so the two versions do not get mixed up.

  • The v1-master branch is the master branch for ongoing V1 API work, with v1-develop as its develop branch.

  • The master branch is for ongoing V2 API work, with develop as its develop branch.

  • New development and features should be done on branches that are cloned from the develop (for V2) or v1-develop (for V1) branch, and then merged into this branch when completed.

  • Releases should merge develop into master (for V2) or v1-develop into v1-master (for V1). Tag master or v1-master with the appropriate version.