Left to right decoding for Hiero Statistical Machine Translation
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This is the decoder of left-to-right hierarchical phrase-based (lrhiero) SMT system.


python decoder_cp.py --config <lrhiero.ini> --inputfile <test.in> --outputfile <test.out> --ttable-file <test.rule> --1b

Use --help or -h to see other options.


  • Python 2.6 or higher
  • SRILM For building language model (LM)
  • KenLM Library for querying the language model (a Python wrapper is included with the decoder and the source for the wrapper will be released soon)

Advance Features of the Decoder


LR-Hiero uses a spesific form of SCFG (Synchronous Context-Free Grammar) rules which are prefix-lexicalized or in so-called Greibach Normal Form (GNF) on target side.

File Format

The content of rule file is for each line: source phrase, target phrase, and features.

aber X__1 sagen X__2 ||| but say X__1 X__2 ||| -0.558224 -0.000100005 -1.14023 -1.84913

Incremental Decoding

LR-Hiero decoder can produce the transaltion incrementally given the input sentence word by word. The decoder needs a segmenter which indicates where it is safe for the decoder to emit the translation. In current version, the decoder gets the segmentation inofrmation in a file in parallel to the input sentence.

python decoder_cp.py --config <lrhiero.ini> --inputfile <test.in> --outputfile <test.out> --ttable-file <test.rule> --inc-decode --segfile <test.seg> --1b

NOTE: the incremental is just used for test phase (not generating n-best list for tuning phase).

Handling Unknown Words

Unknown words are copied verbatim to the output. For each unknown word/phrase 4 glue rules are generated and added to the grammar, therefore they may be placed out of order in the output. Unknown words are also scored by the language model.


If you use this decoder in you research, consider citing:

  • Efficient Left-to-Right Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation with Improved Reordering. Maryam Siahbani, Baskaran Sankaran and Anoop Sarkar. In Proceedings of the Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP 2013). Oct 18-21, 2013. Seattle, USA.
  • Incremental Translation using a Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation System. Maryam Siahbani, Ramtin M. Seraj, Baskaran Sankaran and Anoop Sarkar. In Proceedings of the 2014 IEEE Spoken Language Technology Workshop (SLT 2014). December 7-10, 2014. Nevada, USA.


Maryam Siahbani, Anoop Sarkar


NatLang Lab, School of Computing Science Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6. Canada