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SFU Natural Language Lab website

Source files for the SFU natural language lab website using Jekyll for content, Bootstrap for markup, plus some custom Javascript.

Web version

This website is hosted on Github Pages in the following repository:

If you have write access to this repository, you can update the web version by commiting changes and pushing them to Github. The web version will be updated in a few minutes by Github.

The website is built using jekyll.

Please check that your changes did not break the website by using a locally installed version of Jekyll and testing that the website is built correctly before you push to Github (see below).

Local version

To create a local version of the website, run:

jekyll serve --config=_localconfig.yml 

And then go to on any web browser to check that everything is working as it should.

Installing Jekyll

Tested with Ruby 2.1.1 and Jekyll 1.5.1. Install the following gems:

  • unicode
  • nokogiri
  • RedCloth
  • jekyll

The current version uses a Javascript reader for bibtex written by ramtinms.

The older version of this website used a Jekyll plugin written in Ruby to process bibtex. The Jekyll plugin uses the following gems.

  • rdiscount
  • bibtex-ruby
  • citeproc-ruby
  • csl-styles

On the SFU RCG machines these gems are already installed for the natlang ruby module, so there is no need for any setup besides loading the Ruby module (check module avail).


website for the SFU natural language lab



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