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Earth Day Every Day Activity Menu

Netlify Status


This file should tell you everything you need to know about maintaining this website.

Table of Contents

Adding organizations

You can add organizations in the "organization" sheet in the SFUSD Activities Google Sheet. Add an ID number for the new organization, and put in the name and link to their website. The name will be used as alt text for their logo image on the activity menu.

Getting the Photo ID from Google Drive

In order to add an organization image, you will need to upload that image to Google Drive (in the EDED Organization Logos folder). After you do that, right click the image and copy the link to share (it is not the same as the link when you double click the image! You must right click the image and "Get shareable link").

Next, paste that link into the "Photo ID in Google Drive" column. The link should look something like You only want the lots of weird characters part, so delete everything before that, from https:// up to id=.

Since Google Drive has an image download quota for public images, you must trigger a Netlify build manually to update the image on the site. Go to and log in as the SFUSD Sustainability account, then click on activity-menu. In the top bar, click on Deploys. There should be a button on the right that says "Trigger deploy" - click that, then click on "Deploy site".

Changing the category or 5 pillars names

The website's categories that are shown in the filter are dynamically updated, so simply change the names in the spreadsheet with find and replace and you'll be good to go.

If you do this, make sure to update the names in colorMap.json.

Changing the styles

Some parts of the website's style are easier to change than others.

Changing the Category or 5 Pillars colors

To change the Category pill background colors, go to colorMap.json (located in src/) and change the color hex codes directly.

Make sure the category names in here directly match with the category names you use in the activities spreadsheet.

Changing the page layout or styles

If you want to get more hands-on with editing the layout or styles, you can edit the components in src/components and their respective .module.css files.

Adding activities

It should be relatively self-explanatory to update the activity menu with new activities. However, here's some notes to make sure the activities are formatted correctly:

  • Make sure to match the Organization ID with the corresponding ID in the
    organization sheet.

  • If the partner requests to add a link, you can add up to 3 links that will be displayed at the bottom of the activity. Link Text will be the text shown, and Link will be the actual URL.

  • When writing the grade level, make sure to replace kindergarten with 0. Please write either a single number or a range between two numbers written as "#-#".

  • Activities can be multiple types or categories. When doing this, make sure to delimit each separate category or type with a single comma (no space!). For example, an activity that gives points for both Zero Waste and Water Resilience should have an Category column of "Zero Waste,Water Resilience", not "Zero Waste, Water Resilience".

Changing contact information

Unfortunately, I could not synchronize the contact information directly from the footer of the website to this site. However, in case it changes, I made it easy to update from gatsby-config.js. From there, you can change the title of EDED, the name of the page (Activity Menu), the home url (, the contact email and social media handles.


An optimized activity menu for SFUSD's Earth Day Every Day challenge






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