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all: fcs.debug.dat fcs.release.dat
$(CC) -o b2ccs b2ccs.c
$(CC) -o bconvert64x bconvert64x.c
$(CC) -o b2i2c b2i2c.c
$(CC) -o bootbuild bootbuild.c
$(CC) -o ccs2bin ccs2bin.c
# Run bconvert64x on the output to ensure that sections with sizes that are
# not multiples of 32 are loaded correctly
fcs.debug.bc64: bconvert64x
./bconvert64x -le ../Debug/fcs.btbl fcs.debug.bc64
fcs.release.bc64: bconvert64x
./bconvert64x -le ../Release/fcs.btbl fcs.release.bc64
# Convert the 32-byte-aligned boot table image to I2C format (which is also
# used for SPI).
fcs.debug.i2c: b2i2c fcs.debug.bc64
./b2i2c fcs.debug.bc64 fcs.debug.i2c
fcs.release.i2c: b2i2c fcs.release.bc64
./b2i2c fcs.release.bc64 fcs.release.i2c
# Convert the I2C image to CCS format for romparse
fcs.debug.ccs: b2ccs fcs.debug.i2c
./b2ccs fcs.debug.i2c fcs.debug.ccs
fcs.release.ccs: b2ccs fcs.release.i2c
./b2ccs fcs.release.i2c fcs.release.ccs
# bootbuild adds some extra boot configuration data and writes the resulting
# file out to i2crom.ccs in the current directory
fcs.debug.rom: bootbuild fcs.debug.ccs
mv i2crom.ccs fcs.debug.rom
fcs.release.rom: bootbuild fcs.release.ccs
mv i2crom.ccs fcs.release.rom
# ccs2bin does the same, but maybe better?
fcs.debug.bin: ccs2bin fcs.debug.rom
./ccs2bin -swap fcs.debug.rom fcs.debug.bin
fcs.release.bin: ccs2bin fcs.release.rom
./ccs2bin -swap fcs.release.rom fcs.release.bin
rm -f *.o bootbuild b2ccs b2i2c ccs2bin *.bc64 *.btbl *.i2c *.ccs *.rom *.dat *.bin
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