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Opcode Support Table Filters

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The opcode table page has some filters usable directly from the URL by setting some parameters, by postfix the original URL with a ?key=value pair.
When combined an & is used as separator.

Parameters are:

  • q (query) can be any alphabetic string
  • v (version) one of 1, 2, aria, cakewalk and sfizz
  • c (category)
  • s (supported) one of y, n, w (Yes, No, Work in progress)

to search which sfz v1 opcodes in MIDI Conditions category containing the word chan are not supported by sfizz

Categories can be any of the IDs defined in the opcode database under categories and types:

  • scr Real-Time Instrument Script
  • spl Sample Playback
  • ins Instrument Settings
  • vlc Voice Lifecycle
  • map Key Mapping
  • mid MIDI Conditions
  • int Internal Conditions
  • trg Triggers
  • amp Amplifier
  • eq EQ
  • flt Filter
  • ptc Pitch
  • eg Envelope Generators
  • lfo LFO
  • crv Curves
  • efx Effects
  • ldg Loading
  • wos Wavetable Oscillator

Opcode Support Table

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