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Provides SFZ format support for Visual Studio Code


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vscode-sfz README

Provides SFZ format support for Visual Studio Code.



  1. Syntax highlighting for SFZ headers, opcodes, and settings
  2. A theme ("Dark+ for SFZ") based on Dark+ for coloring SFZ-specific features
  3. Parameter validation for most documented opcodes
  4. Some snippets for creating and editing SFZ files


  • Syntax highlighting and parameter validation are handled by a set of TextMate Language Grammars found in the syntaxes/sfz.tmLanguage.json file.
    • Opcode token definitions are organized by SFZ version (v1, v2, ARIA and category (e.g. Sound Source or Region Logic). To disable a group of patterns (e.g. ARIA-specific instrument setting opcodes), delete the corresponding #include line at the top of the tmLanguage file.
    • Parameter validations are organized by type (float, int, string) and range (for example, validation of floats between 0 and 100 is in the "float_0-100" object).
  • Color assignments can be changed in the themes/sfz.theme.json file. For a guide, I used Simon Cann's SFZTools for UltraEdit. Tokens defined specifically for this theme are at the top of the file.
  • Snippets can be changed in the snippets/sfz.json file.


Known Issues

  • Many modulation parameters are only evaluated as to whether they are numbers, rather than against valid ranges.
  • Floats in scientific notation are not treated as valid.
  • The effects type opcode is not validated as I can't find any documentation on it.
  • #define substitutions are currently highlighted as invalid.

Release Notes

0.1.0 2019-05-06

  • Initial version.


No releases published