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Welcome to the Bounty Program


  1. To enable participation of the meter community and wider developer community in the inclusive development of the Meter ecosystem
  2. To leverage the expertise of the external developers
  3. To ensure the focus of the core development team on the most important tasks

Areas of Focus:

The key areas of focus for the bounty program are;

1. Infrastructure and Tooling

  • Tesla Mainnet, Meter Passport, Voltswap, Node Validation

2. Decentralized Applications

  • Deployment, Analytics, Integrations, User Interfaces

3. Education (Validation, dApp deployment and operations, process flows)

  • Tutorials, Blogs

4. Research

  • Decentralization, scaling, security, interoperability

5. Integrations

  • Yield Tracker, DeFi tools, Meter Passport

The above-mentioned list is not exhaustive and is only intended to provide clarity to the bounty hunters on focus areas. Anyone can start a bounty in this repo to pay token rewards to those who accomplished the bounty based on the specification.

Bounty Structure:

Any bounty created should meet below minimum requirements;

1. Objective

  • Should be succinct and clear

2. Context

  • Framing the context that led to the creation of a bounty

3. Reference (Optional)

  • Are there any reference implementations that the bounty hunter can leverage

4. Challenges (Optional)

  • The specific challenges the bounty creator is aware of that will help the Bounty Hunter deliver the bounty

5. Acceptance Criteria (These depend on the complexity of the bounty)

  • In general, the acceptance criteria should be as exhaustive as possible to enable bounty hunter to decide on taking up the bounty

6. Anticipated Timeline

  • The bounty hunter should try to adhere to this timeline or discuss with the bounty creator about extensions before-hand

7. Allocated Rewards

  • All bounty rewards by the team will be paid in MTRG tokens


  1. All bounties will be listed in the ‘ISSUES’ tab
  2. You may submit a bounty specification by adding a new issue or just be the bounty hunter to finish the bounty based on the spec.
  3. Bounty hunters shall contact the bounty producer directly or comment on the issue for engagement.


  1. Clearly defined acceptance criteria will benefit both producers and hunters to accomplish the bounties. Scope creep, if any, is confirmed with the bounty provider
  2. Autonomy of operations by bounty hunters is expected. Business or dev-ops involvement should be minimal
  3. Clearly defined bounty objective is necessary to ensure the end goal is achieved. The bounty hunters should be able to improvise within the constraints of acceptance criteria


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