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πŸ¦€πŸ¦€πŸ¦€ Sort spikes from extra-cellular recordings using neural networks. Fully automated.
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πŸ¦€ crabsort

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Using a MATLAB toolbox

The simplest way to install crabsort is to download this toolbox. Drag it onto your MATLAB workspace, and it should automatically install itself.

Using git

Clone these repos:

# bash
git clone
git clone
git clone

and add the all to your MATLAB path.

Updating and uninstalling

crabsort supports built-in methods to upgrade and update:

% matlab


[more detailed docs coming soon...]

Keyboard actions

Key Action
a Scroll to beginning of file
z Scroll to end of file
Spacebar Jump to next uncertain spike (as predicted by Neural Network)
g generate data for Neural network
⇧ + ↑ jump to the weirdest spike
⇧ + ↓ jump to a next less weird spike
p Predict spikes using Neural network
r reset zoom
0 Set channel as having no spikes
↑ Select channel above currently chosen channel
↓ Select channel below currently chosen channel
β†’ Load next file in dataset
← Load next file in dataset
p Predict spikes using Neural network


GPL v3

If you plan to use crabsort for a publication, please write to me for appropriate citation.

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