MATLAB class to control and manipulate models, simulations, functions...anything
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A MATLAB class that can control anything.

The Problem:

  • You have a simulation or a function with some parameters. It's complicated
  • You want to get a feel for it by twiddling the parameters and seeing how it changes
  • It's a pain to write bespoke wrappers for your code and worry about UI generation

The solution

puppeteer does all the hard work of generating UI elements for you.

Generate a new puppeteer instance and tell it the parameters you want to manipulate:

% your parameters are in a structure
params.A = 1;
params.B = 2;

% with a corresponding lower 
% bound and upper bound structure
lb.A = 0;
lb.B = 0;

ub.A = 2;
ub.B = 3;

p = puppeteer(params,lb,ub);

puppeteer then generates a figure with sliders that allows you to control these parameters. The nice thing now is that any changes you make in the sliders are reflected in the puppeteer object:

p.parameters % stores the updated value, always

Now, there are two ways to hook up puppeteer to your simulation so that changes in puppeteer affect your simulation.

The first is simple: your simulation simply polls p.parameters, and changes its parameters based on that.

The second allows you to configure a callback function so that puppeteer will call this every time you change a parameter.

p.callback_function = my_function_handle;
% puppeteer will call this function with the parameters argument

What does it look like?


GPL 3. puppeteer is free software.