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Here, I'm writing part of the C++ code underling xolotl
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  • xolotl: A fast (written in C++), flexible (fully object oriented) and immediate (live manipulation in MATLAB) neuron and network simulator.

  • puppeteer: A pure MATLAB class to control and manipulate models, simulations, functions...anything

  • kontroller: A easy-to-use wrapper for MATLAB's DAQ toolbox

  • crabsort: Interactive, automated extracellular spike sorting with machine learning

All code here is free software. You should look at my github page for other projects I'm working on.


Xolotl: An Intuitive and Approachable Neuron and Network Simulator for Research and Teaching

Srinivas Gorur-Shandilya (1), Alec Hoyland (1) and Eve Marder.

Frontiers in Neuroinformatics 2018 | code | documentation

(1) = equal contribution

Regulation of Eag by calcium/calmodulin controls presynaptic excitability in Drosophila

Peter Bronk, Elena Kuklin, Srinivas Gorur-Shandilya, Chang Liu, Timothy Wiggin, Martha Reed, Eve Marder and Leslie Griffith

Journal of Neurophysiology 2018

Gain control in Drosophila olfactory receptor neurons

Srinivas Gorur-Shandilya

Ph.D. thesis (Yale) 2017

Olfactory receptor neurons use gain control and complementary kinetics to encode intermittent odorant stimuli

Srinivas Gorur-Shandilya (1), Mahmut Demir (1), Junjiajia Long, Damon A Clark (2) and Thierry Emonet (2)

(1) = equal contribution (2) = equal contribution

eLife 2017 | pdf | talk based on this work at KITP

Presynaptic GABA receptors mediate temporal contrast enhancement in Drosophila olfactory sensory neurons and modulate odor-driven behavioral kinetics

Davide Raccuglia, Li Yan McCurdy, Mahmut Demir, Srinivas Gorur-Shandilya, Michael Kunst, Thierry Emonet, and Michael Nitabach

eNeuro 2016

The Drosophila IR20a Clade of Ionotropic Receptors Are Candidate Taste and Pheromone Receptors

Tong-Wey Koh, Zhe He, Srinivas Gorur-Shandilya, Karen Menuz, Nikki K. Larter, Shannon Stewart and John R. Carlson

Neuron 2013

Inferring network topology from complex dynamics

Srinivas Gorur-Shandilya and Marc Timme

New Journal of Physics 2010 | direct link | code

Relating Topology and Dynamics in Neuronal Networks

Srinivas Gorur-Shandilya

M.Sc. thesis



Why is anything the way it is?

Lightning talk at 30C3, Hamburg, Germany. (2013)

Topology Predicts Dynamics; Dynamics Constrain Topology

invited talk at SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems, Snowbird, USA. (2015)

Sequential gain control in Drosophila olfactory receptor neurons

accepted talk at Sense2Synapse New York, USA (2016)


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Contact me

You can write to ‮.sg.savi‭me@srin

About this website

This page is written in markdown using Sublime Text 3. The markdown source is here and the entire repository is available here. Most pages are rendered from markdown source. The font used here is Goudy Bookletter 1911 and is in the public domain. This website is hosted on Github servers.

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