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adb Merge branch 'ics-mr1-release' of…
charger charger: make the almost-full frame only show when it's current level
cpio dist for dist_files
debuggerd Fix conflict
fastboot Add USB vendor IDs for Quanta, INQ and Sony.
gpttool Add missing header to gpttool
include Merge branch 'ics' of git://
init Merge branch 'ics' of git://
libctest Automated import from //branches/donutburger/...@140818,140818
libcutils Add cmpxchg (for gralloc)
libdiskconfig am 96a5482: am fd6f387: am 2985f81: Merge "libdiskconfig: add missing…
liblinenoise Improve linenoise.c compatability.
liblog log: more qcom radio tag
libmincrypt make DumpPublicKeys write 32-bit values as unsigned
libnetutils Wimax: wimax related changes for libnetutils
libnl_2 libnl_2: Fix memory leaks
libpixelflinger Fix DEBUG_NEEDS usage
libsysutils Remove log spam
libusbhost libusbhost: Limit bulk transfer requests to 16384 bytes
libzipfile eclair snapshot
logcat Merge branch 'ics-mr1' of…
logwrapper logwrapper: reduce verbosity and fix usage
mkbootimg unpackbootimg (squashed)
netcfg Support adding, deleting, and clearing IPv6 addrs.
nexus - creates proper ifc.h and dhcp.h headers for libnetutils
rootdir Restrict zygote to system user.
run-as run-as: Bump the size of the internal packages list buffer.
sdcard Fix returning errno values which should be negative.
sh sh: null check signame list since sig 0 is not valid
toolbox Toolbox implementation of chown has a bad print
.gitignore eclair snapshot Remove the simulator target from all makefiles. Raise the viking killer min free values to match the system properties
README auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
ThirdPartyProject.prop add meta-files about 3rd party projects


The system/ directory is intended for pieces of the world that are the
core of the embedded linux platform at the heart of Android.  These
essential bits are required for basic booting, operation, and debugging.

They should not depend on libraries outside of system/... (some of them
do currently -- they need to be updated or changed) and they should not
be required for the simulator build.

The license for all these pieces should be clean (Apache2, BSD, or MIT).

Currently system/bluetooth/... and system/extra/... have some pieces
with GPL/LGPL licensed code.

Assorted Issues:

- pppd depends on libutils for logging
- pppd depends on libcrypt/libcrypto
- init, linker, debuggerd, toolbox, usbd depend on libcutils
- should probably rename bionic to libc
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