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Building Releases
Roundup is currently a source-only release - it has no binary components. I
want it to stay that way, too. This document describes how to build a
source release. Users of Roundup should read the doc/installation.txt file
to find out how to install this software.
Building and distributing a release of Roundup is done by running:
1. Make sure the unit tests run! "./"
2. Tag the CVS for the release, eg. "cvs tag -R release-0-6-3"
3. Edit roundup/ and doc/announcement.txt to reflect the new
version and appropriate announcements. Add truncated announcement to description field.
4. Clean out all *.orig, *.rej, .#* files from the source.
5. python clean --all
6. Edit to ensure that all information therein (version, contact
information etc) is correct.
7. python sdist --manifest-only
8. Check the MANIFEST to make sure that any new files are included. If
they are not, edit to include them. "Documentation" for may be found in disutils.filelist._parse_template_line.
9. python sdist
(if you find sdist a little verbose, add "--quiet" to the end of the
10. Unpack the new dist file in /tmp then a) and b)
with all available Python versions.
11. Generate gpg signature with "gpg -a --detach-sign"
12. python bdist_rpm
13. python bdist_wininst
14. Send doc/announcement.txt to
15. Notify any other news services as appropriate...
So, those commands in a nice, cut'n'pasteable form::
find . -name '*.orig' -exec rm {} \;
find . -name '*.rej' -exec rm {} \;
find . -name '.#*' -exec rm {} \;
python clean --all
python sdist --manifest-only
python sdist --quiet
python bdist_rpm
python bdist_wininst
python register
python2.5 sdist upload --sign