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CFML wrapper library for SmartyStreets LiveAddress API, formerly Qualified Address.

There is a RIAForge project for previous version wrapper, it uses v1 (deprecated) XML web-service.


Library uses modern CFScript syntax, so it requires at least Adobe ColdFusion 9 or Railo 3.2 engine to work.

Check out old wrapper for ACF8 compatible integration, please be aware that API could have change since release.

Using Component

First you need to register an account and obtain your authentication token. SmartyStreets provides free 30-day trial with 500 requests, this should be enough for integration and testing.

There are two core methods to be used:

  • init initializes the component. Except apikey this method accepts two arguments, useragent (string) allows to override http agent (say, put your application name there), verbose (boolean) enables adding debugging info to response (cfhttp result, exception struct). API key needs to be set with init, or with setApiKey(apikey) in order to authenticate.

  • invoke performs request to the API and handles response. All possible input parameters are passed as optional arguments of this method. Method returns a structure with at least two fields: fault (boolean) and data (mixed). Field data contains parsed JSON response for successful requests and error string for failures.

See all API parameters and response fields in User Guide.

There are few other helper (getter/setter) methods, please see component code for details.

Usage Examples

Step by step use with verbose output:

ws = CreateObject("SmartyStreets").init(apikey = "YourAuthenticationToken", verbose = true);

params = {
    street = "1600 Amphitheatre Parkway",
    zipcode = "94043",
    city = "Mountain View",
    state = "CA"

result = ws.invoke(argumentCollection = params);

if (result.fault) {
    WriteOutput("Something went wrong: " &;
    WriteDump(var=result.exception, label="Exception");
else {
    WriteDump(, label="Success");

Compact format:

result = CreateObject("SmartyStreets").init("YourAuthenticationToken").invoke(
    street = "1600 Amphitheatre Parkway",
    zipcode = "94043"

if (result.fault) {
    WriteOutput("Something went wrong: " &;
else {
    WriteDump(, label="Success");


Library is released under the Apache License Version 2.0.