A simple Scala script to download podcasts and sync with an Mp3 player
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About Jonction


Jonction was initially written because I wanted a simple and reliable solution to download and synchronise a set of podcast feeds with my MP3 player

  • For each feed I always want the n latest episodes on my player (meaning old episodes are automatically deleted).
  • I do not want a GUI as I also want it to work for a headless server (I want to be able to use old headless PC as a podcast sync device)
  • I do not want an external database for the files metadata. I want each downloaded file to hold its own metadata (meaning, I may modify the ID3 tags of the files to normalize the available ID3 data)
  • I want the synchronisation to work both for MTP and mass-storage devices
  • I want to be able to modify the title of the episodes to improve the display of large titles on small screens
  • I want the feed analysis to be fast, that why I wanted to use the Google Feed API as it has a cache of the feeds

Why a Scala script

Jonction happens to be a Scala script because when I decided that I wanted to code this tool, I was also in the process of learning Scala and I was curious to use Scala in script mode. Retrospectively, I didn't know that the script file would be that large and I should have setup a more traditional project structure with src/test. Some day, when I have time, I might retrofit the code script and create a real scala project because it is getting difficult to improve Jonction without a decent test suite.

Also, This script also is for me a playfield to try Scala features !

Current state

Currently, the script solve my initial use cases, I use it on a day to day basis with something like 20 URLs and an MTP player. No more "ho ! I should have downloaded some podcasts" when stuck in a traffic jam.

However, it really is an "alpha" quality script

  • It is not tested on a large set of feeds
  • Was tested only with my own MTP player

If you try Jonction on a player that already contains important data, make sure you have a backup.


  • A Unix based system (was only tested on Linux, but may be easily adapted to work with cygwin)
  • A Scala interpreter (I use Scala 2.7.3)
  • a wget command line utility available in the PATH
  • the mtp-tools set of MTP utilities available in the PATH (for an MTP player)
  • The jaudiotagger.jar jar file from project Jaudiotagger


  • Copy the jaudiotagger.jar in the directory of the script
  • Update the urls.txt file to add your own feeds (and get ride of mine, of course)
  • Create the ~/Music/Jonction directory (or change the download.dir value in jonction.properties file to target an other directory). The podcasts will be downloaded in this directory before the upload to the device.
  • By default the jonction.properties file is provided with an MTP player configuration. To switch to a mass-storage player configuration, switch device.type=mtp to device.type=fs and set the device.fs.dir value to the mounted directory of the device.


  • Connect your MP3 player
  • In the directory of the script run the ./jonction.sh launcher.