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My customizations to the mutt formula for homebrew.
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Build Status

Homebrew formula with additional patches for mutt.

Some of the additional patches (refer to formula for the complete list):

  • Sidebar: enable with --with-sidebar-patch. [Source]

  • Gmail Server Search: enable with --with-gmail-server-search-patch. Note that Gmail Server Search only works when directly connected to Gmail via IMAP. [Source]

  • Gmail Labels: enable with --with-gmail-labels-patch. Originally based on a patch by Todd Hoffmann. Add %?y?(%y)? to your index_format to conditionally display the associated labels and make sure to disable header_cache. Labels 'Important' and 'Starred' are stripped from the list of labels. Note that Gmail Labels only work when directly connected to Gmail via IMAP.

  • Forward References: enable with --with-forwref-patch. By default a forwarded message does not reference the messages it contains. This commit introduces a new boolean option $forward_references. When it is set, a forwarded message includes the In-Reply-To: and References: headers, just like a reply would. Hence the forwarded message becomes part of the original thread instead of starting a new one.

How to install

If you had previously installed the default homebrew mutt, you must uninstall that version first:

> brew uninstall mutt

Then proceed with installation based on custom formula:

> brew tap sgeb/mutt
# There will be a warning regarding overriding existing formula 'mutt'

> brew options sgeb/mutt/mutt
# List of available options
# Note that not all combinations are always possible (due to potentially
# conflicting patches).

        Apply confirm attachment patch
        Build with debug option enabled
        Apply forward_references patch
        Apply gmail labels patch
        Apply gmail server search patch
        Build with gpgme support
        Apply ignore-thread patch
        Apply PGP verbose mime patch
        Build against slang instead of ncurses
        Apply sidebar patch
        Apply trash folder patch
        Install HEAD version

> brew install sgeb/mutt/mutt --with-trash-patch \
  --with-sidebar-patch --with-gmail-server-search-patch \
  --with-gmail-labels-patch --with-forwref-patch
# Compile and install customized mutt.
# This is an example, refer to the command above to see the
# available options.
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