A glibc binary package builder in Docker
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A glibc binary package builder in Docker. Produces a glibc binary package that can be imported into a rootfs to run applications dynamically linked against glibc.


Build a glibc package based on version 2.28 with a prefix of /usr/glibc-compat:

docker run --rm --env STDOUT=1 sgerrand/glibc-builder 2.28 /usr/glibc-compat > glibc-bin.tar.gz

You can also keep the container around and copy out the resulting file:

docker run --name glibc-binary sgerrand/glibc-builder 2.28 /usr/glibc-compat
docker cp glibc-binary:/glibc-bin-2.28.tar.gz ./
docker rm glibc-binary