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CLI Meme Generator which automatically adds whitespace and text to top
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dankcli is a CLI Meme Generator which automatically adds white space and text to the top of your image.


$ pip install dankcli


$ python -m dankcli "path/to/image" "Meme text you want to add"

The text gets automatically wrapped according to width of image but you can also have intentional \n in your text. The meme is saved in a new folder called 'dankcli-output' with an indexed name.


Example 1 (showing \n functionality)

$ python -m dankcli "templates/yesbutno.jpg" "Mom at 2am: Are you awake?\n\nMe:"

turns this

to this

Example 2 (showing auto textwrap)

$ python -m dankcli "mymemes/helpmeme.jpg" "When you make a meme generator but now you can't stop making memes"

turns this

to this

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