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A Todos WebApp built with Flask in Python (with user system and basic user API)
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Todos WebApp

This is the code for Todos WebApp built in Flask, with a user system built through json files. The site is live on however it is expected to be on a more updated state than this repo.


For testing, editing or playing around with the code, you can download the app to your local machine:

git clone
cd flask-todos
pip install -r requirements.txt

Now, edit and set app.config['SECRET_KEY'] = "secret_key_here" to your own secret key instead of secret_key_here.
Then run


or python3 or python3.7 depending on how python is set up on your machine. Please note that this webapp built in Python 3.7
Then the app will be available on then. However, the live site is here which you can't edit :)


A video demonstrating(an older version) this app:

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