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locale OSQA-895, added IT locale files Oct 17, 2012
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INSTALL fixes OSQA-184 - unlocalized string for 'authentication settings' Jun 3, 2010
LICENSE Removing a bunch of incorrect, useless and/or obselete files that the… Apr 27, 2010 initial import Apr 10, 2010 Adds the option to create static pages with several options to custom… Jun 7, 2010
osqa.wsgi.dist Added some documentation about how to properly set the DJANGO_SETTING… Nov 23, 2010
rmpyc initial import Apr 10, 2010 don't use template loaders caching when DEBUG=True Apr 3, 2012 activating the updater Jul 17, 2011 Resolves Jira OSQA-484, be sure to prepend the Rosetta URL rather tha… Jun 24, 2011