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SGMK X-mas Party "Make DOCK18 Bright Again"
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2019_entries 2019 Entries Dec 14, 2019
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BlinkeShit 3000

SGMK X-mas Party "Make DOCK18 Bright Again"

Shenzhen is soooo last millenium

(taken from Oli W. website:

2019 Entries for BlinkeShit 3000

International Jury for SGMK BlinkeShit

  • David Chen (Taiwan) - openlab Taipei, co-developer of the Taiwanduino
  • Scott Beibin (USA) - ...
  • Miranda Moss (S.Africa / Sweden) - tries-not-to-be-an-artist, makes solar-powered blinking ginger-roots
  • Daniel Eugene Lacey-McDermott (Norway) - Captain Credible
  • Yair Reshef (Israel) - Idiot (representing Denisa Kera (global) - PCB connaisseuse and philosopher)
  • absent: Budi Prakosa (Indonesia) - Manticore / BadGeek, developer of svg2shenzhen (and much more)

Live Video stream:

Almost complete selection of entries

Author: anonymous

Author: Salome K. in the name of raumschiff

Author: Felix Bänteli and Sunrise not really sponsored

Author: Markus S.

(Free Energy with Mario Purkathofer)

Author: Unknown

Author: Christoph K.

Author: Neighbour (Name unknown)

Author: Gaudi. We are still considering to ban Urs Gaudenz from this competition!

Author: Marc D. aka dusjagr

Author: Gaudi present for Veli

Author: Oliver Jäggi soon to become "a legend"

Author: Tillo

Author: Katrin

Available components in MechArtLab

"Official" SGMK BlinkeShit footprint library for KiCAD

See folder... still in progress

Blinke LEDs RGB

Blinke Flash LEDs various colours

NOT-Blinking classic top-LEDs 3528

(for our more-epileptic friends)

Blinke Pots


Classic Examples by the Pioneers of BlinkeShit

by GaudiLabs

by Gandalf

coming soon...

by Oli W. "The Legend"

This is one of the first electronic circuits he built, dated October 1982.

(LED chase light, 1982, taken from his website:

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