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Be able to use OSC protocol in your AIR Application.

OSC message receive, send, and use #Bundle available.


##Adobe AIR


// import OSCSocket classes.
import org.sgmnt.lib.osc.*;

// Create OSCSocket instance.
var socket:OSCSocket = new OSCSocket();

// Use bind( port, address ) if need receiving messages.
socket.bind( 10000, "" );

###Receive messages.

You can use addEventListener method for receive OSC messages as usual.

// ex) receive /message/1
socket.addEventListener("/message/1", _onMessage);

// You can get address and arguments from OSCSocketEvent.
function _onMessage(e:OSCSocketEvent):void{
    trace( e.address, e.args );

// and, you can use * syntax in message address.
// In the following syntax, it is possible to receive /message/1, /message/hoge, etc...
socket.addEventListener("/message/*", _onMessage);

###Send messages.

You can send a message using OSCMessage.

var message:OSCMessage = new OSCMessage();
message.address = '/message/1';

// add String arguments.

// add int32 arguments.

// add float arguments.

// add double arguments.

// add blob arguments.

// Sending message to
socket.send( message, '', 10001 );

If You want to use bundle. Try to use OSCBundle.

var bundle:OSCBundle = new OSCBundle();

// Set timetag by elapsed time(milliseconds) from now timestamp;

// add OSCMassage to bundle.
bundle.addPacket( message );

// Sending bundle message to
socket.send( bundle, '', 10001 );


Released under the MIT, and GPL Licenses.