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I was bored with doing all the Tweeting myself for my pets ("I'm not crazy my mother had me tested") so I decided to look for a framework which might help me to Tweet automatically.

Required Gems

  • Chatterbot

What's in the box?

Trudis, my cat obviously.

  • main.rb
  • data.json

After running the configuration for Chatterbot, rename the file.yml to main.yml and you're all set up.

Running in crontab

Add this line after crontab -e:

* * * * * /full/path/to/main.rb &> /dev/null

That will run every minute.

If that does not work, add:

* * * * * /full/path/to/ &> /dev/null

And create a with the following contents:



ruby /full/path/to/main.rb

I need to get my RaspberryPi up and running again, soon.